Date Duo

Hi everyone! 
I’m back for another Date Duo – though this one was a group effort, not a date, I still think you’ll love it! 

Its been such a fun-filled spring and I am so excited to share some of the delicious food stops and fun things I’ve checked out! I mentioned before that I spend a lot of time in Charlottesville, and its true- I do! My job is in this area so I am constantly up here and I am so excited about exploring the area more!

Speaking of my job, my office is full of foodies so we always try to check out somewhere new and exciting to make sure we avoid the rut of the same ol’ thing every day! Most recently we discovered this adorable spot called Firefly Restaurant and Arcade & Y’all.. the food was amazing! 

Firefly is a bar/restaurant/arcade which seem to be all the rage right now and it is working for them! We went in for lunch and it was so charming, I was obsessed with the good vibes and fun feeling of the place. If you’re looking for a new patio area – check out theirs! The patio would’ve been my first choice for lunch seating.., but you know, make decisions for the good of the group! It was a super cute spot for people watching and just being outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Since Firefly is part arcade, they incorporate board games in fun little ways. One being Trivial Pursuit on the tables and the other in that they use parts of board games as the backing for their beer list and for how they present checks at the end of the meal.

I am forever getting wrapped up in the fun of the moment, that I often forget to take photos of the food to share with you guys! I fell victim to that again.. (and trying to wrangle my co-workers into not immediately digging into their meals is hard!!) so you get to peep our appetizers and two of our meals, but trust me when I say, all four of us enjoyed the food! 

We started with the Spartichoke Dip and it was all.the.things. It was a mixture of spinach, artichoke and Parmesan cheese, all ooey-gooey with tortilla chips. I may or may not have thrown some ‘bows to be the first one to dig in! 

& because I am a child at heart – I pride myself on my chicken tendering scoping abilities, I am on a mission to find the best (Hit me up below or on Instagram with recs!) I ordered the chicken tenders & tots, because who doesn’t love tots?! One of the guys got the Turkey Club and I will admit I had a little FOMO because it looked so good- and after a little food trade, I got to try it and it was delicious! Turkey + Bacon + Cheddar + Swiss + all the garden goodness. Yum. ((Pro tip – find you some co-workers who will share their lunches!!) 

After eating all the things, I convinced the guys to hang out for a bit and play some Trivial Pursuit and to try out a pinball game or two! The best part about Firefly was  that it was a 2 for 1 on the “Date Duo” theme! Dinner and an activity all rolled into one. I definitely recommend Firefly for the good vibes and better food. Grab a drink post meal and hang out on the patio or play a couple games! You won’t regret it! 

Follow along to @Sipsandtripswithpaige on Instagram – she has some big things coming up! & if you want to catch up on my adventures, you can find me @staceyshippey ~ Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on all the goodness! 
Enjoy! – Stacey 

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