Paso Robles Wine Haul

Traveling With Wine After traveling to several wine regions, I have learned a lot about traveling with wine. Of course shipping direct from the winery is the safest option. This option is great if the winery has shipping deals. Often times, you have to buy several bottles to make this option worth it. Typically it’s … More Paso Robles Wine Haul

Napa ~ Day 2

Hi! I am back with the final post of our California wine adventure. If you missed the previous posts I will link them here: How do you plan a trip to Napa?, Napa ~ Day 1, and Sonoma. The last day in Napa was an unforgettable experience. We really visited a variety of places, big … More Napa ~ Day 2


Hi wine friends! I am back with our Sonoma day! If you missed my previous post I will link it here; Napa ~ Day 1. I am so glad we got to make it to Sonoma for a day during our weekend to Napa. I really wanted to visit Sonoma because I was told it … More Sonoma

Napa ~ Day 1

Napa was simply a dream… probably the best weekend I have ever had in my life. The wine. The food. The weather. OMG. This is a recap of our first day in Napa. We visited two wineries and had a delicious dinner out! Our first stop in Napa was Jarvis. We really set the bar … More Napa ~ Day 1