Williamsburg Winery

Hey wine lovers! Today I am writing up a post on a super popular winery, Williamsburg Winery! This was our third visit and will not be our last. Williamsburg Winery is such an amazing spot to visit. They have a rich history and they are killing it with their marketing and branding. They have really upped their social media, they have CANNED Rose and they even have a podcast (HUGE FAN BTW). They are one of the only wineries where I see their wine out in RESTAURANTS. It is crazy to me that VA wine is not in OUR own Virginia restaurants.

Williamsburg Winery – As a 4th grade teacher who teaches Virginia Studies, I swoon when I am in Williamsburg. There is so much history and I love how Jamestown is so close! This winery was bought in 1983 and the first vines were planted in 1985. The property is 300 acres with 40 acres of vines. There are many options when it comes to tours and tastings. Their website lays out all of your options if you would like to do a tour of their facilities. We have not done a tour but I hope to do one soon! They offer two tastings, the Fine Wine tasting is $10 and the Reserve tasting is $15. Both options include 7 wines that you get to pick as well as a wine glass.

When you enter into the Tours and Tasting area you enter into a gift shop. This is where you pick the tasting you would like to do then pay. You then take your receipt to the tasting bar in the next room. The bar is located in a large, open room. It is a large square made with wood and wine barrels. We had a wonderful tasting and attendant. We visited during the week so we had plenty of time to ask questions and chat. Our tasting was informative and relaxing. We had SO MANY FAVORITES! A few of our favorites included the Wessex Hundred Dry Rose, James River White, Wessex Hundred Viognier, Governor’s White, Wessex Hundred Cabernet Franc, and OF COURSE Adagio. To give you some fun facts, the James River White is a Sauvignon Blanc made from grape juice from Washington State. Williamsburg Winery prides itself on building relationships and working with other wineries to produce their wine. They make plenty of Estate grown wine but the prices show. The James River white is ONLY $9.50. The Governor’s White is a Riesling made with grapes from Washington State as well. This wine is the longest running wine at the winery. They started making it in 1987 and this wine is ONLY $9.50 a bottle. Post tasting you can return to wine shop area. This is where you can purchase wine, cheese, crackers, etc.

Williamsburg winery is not only a winery, you can also stay at Wedmore Place and dine at Gabriel Archer Tavern or Cafe Provencal while you’re visiting. During our visit we ate at Gabriel Archer Tavern. This is a great spot with amazing food. They have their own garden where they grown greens and herbs and source local when they can. We enjoyed the Country Platter and shared the Roast Beef and Gouda sandwich as well as a bottle of James River White! ***Sips and Trips Tip ~ if you dine, you have to purchase wine at the restaurant, there is a slight up charge compared to the wine store a couple yards away. Per ABC law, you can’t leave the restaurant with the wine purchased at the restaurant to enjoy in their pavilion. If you don’t finish your bottle, you can take it home!

If you decide not to dine, there is plenty of room to enjoy a bottle or CAN of wine. Recently, Williamsburgh Winery just added their 1619 Pavilion. This is a beautiful spot to relax and look over the vineyard. We enjoyed a glass and hung out here for awhile.

I highly suggest you follow Williamsburg Winery on Instagram. They do an amazing job telling the wineries story. Like I had mentioned before, they have a Podcast called Cellar Sessions. If you love VA wine and the VA wine industry, I highly suggest you listen! I hope you get to enjoy this amazing winery soon! I cannot wait to go back!

Cheers, Paige

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