Date Duo ~ Drive Shack

This past week I had the opportunity to revisit Drive Shack. Zach and I got to enjoy a bay for a couple hours and have a great double date with friends. They are keeping everything very safe with barriers between bays and the bays are outdoors!

To give you a bit of information, Drive Shack is an augmented reality driving range. They have multiple bars, retro arcade games, and a restaurant. In the summer, they even have a roof top terrace you can enjoy as well.

When you arrive, you and your party can rent a bay. You pay by the hour and the cost depends on the time you visit. On busy nights, you might need to wait for your bay but there are plenty of spots to hang out. Your bay can comfortably seat about eight people and Drive Shack provides everything you need to golf including the clubs. The bays are even heated so you can have fun in the cold or inclement weather. There are multiple games you can set up while you golf so that it’s not just a standard driving range.

We all enjoyed appetizers, Underwood wine, dinner, and even dessert! Their food is delicious and its nice to just hang out in the bay and enjoy food and drinks while playing golf! I cannot wait to head back, we always have such a great time! Have you guys been to Drive Shack yet? If not, hop to it and swing away!

Cheers, Paige

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