Girls Weekend ~ Nelson 151

The first weekend in November has been our annual girls weekend the past five years. It is always a fun weekend to hang out with my girls and sip some fabulous wine off Nelson 151.

We always rent a cabin in Wintergreen. The houses are amazing and usually a great value when you are splitting it with a group!

Friday night we arrived and hung out. We played games, danced, and relaxed! We may have had a little too much to drink but we all had so much fun!

Saturday we followed the itinerary posted. We do visit a lot of places but we only get a flight or share a bottle. We usually spend an hour at each place!

On Saturday we started at Flying Fox and enjoyed flights. Following Flying Fox, we headed to Pollak Vineyard and enjoyed flights and a bottle of Merlot. Their Merlot is my FAVORITE. Up next was Valley Road Vineyard. We did have a reservation here and enjoyed a huge picnic. I picked up a bottle of Torn Curtain to enjoy! Next we ventured to Silver Back Distillery to enjoy some mini cocktails! My absolute favorite is Shock the Monkey! Our last stop of the day was Hill Top Berry Farm! I always pick up a bottle of their Cranberry wine to enjoy on Thanksgiving! They are offering adorable tasting flights. I just enjoyed a glass of Cranberry wine! Before heading up the mountain, we had dinner at Devils Backbone. I always enjoy their pulled pork sandwich! Another fun weekend with my girls. Until next year!

Cheers, Paige

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