How to Host a Wine Party

Hey wine loves! Last week I hosted my first wine party and it was SO MUCH FUN. I am going to share my tips and tricks as well as the wine scorecard I made, I adapted it from one I found online!

I wanted to keep the party intimate so I invited my close girlfriends. There were seven of us which was the perfect amount. I told each of my friends to bring their favorite bottle of wine to share. You can be more specific if you’d like, you could pick a specific varietal or region… the possibilities are endless! For my next party, ‘Glalentines’, I will probably pick a specific region.

Even though I was not specific, we had a nice variety of wines! When my friends arrived, Zach took the wines to the back and got them ready. He just put the wine in a brown paper bag and tied a number around it with twine. Wine slush was provided to get everyone ready for the main event as an added bonus until they all arrived! We then all hung out in the living room around the HUGE cheese and charcuterie board I made as well. One by one as my guests arrived, I had them each pick a glass and a wine glass charm to accompany them throughout the party and add a little extra fun!

When everyone arrived, we were ready to begin. Zach did ALL the pouring for us ladies. He was very helpful in making the party a success! After he would pour a wine, we would taste and write our notes. We did this through all eight wines. When we got through all eight, he came out with the bottle and we scored ourselves!

Some of my friends killed it when it came to identifying the wines! I did not do so hot but it was a learning experience and it was about having a good time! It was a pretty easy party to host and I can’t wait for you all to tell me about your experiences!

Linked here is the Wine Score Card ~ I hope you have fun planning your wine party! Be sure to tell me all about it!

Cheers, Paige

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