Virginia Women in Wine Wednesday

Happy Wine Wednesday! This week our Q&A is with Virginia female winemaker, Kirsty Harmon. Not only is Kirsty the winemaker at Blenheim Vineyards but she is also the general manager.

1. What made you want to pick a career in such a male dominated industry?

I got into wine by accident rather than through planning, so I didn’t really realize how male dominated the industry is – at least on the production side. There are tons of great women in the sales and marketing side of the industry. It’s only when I go to a conference that I see how male dominated it is, otherwise I don’t really think about the fact that there aren’t too many women winemakers in the state.

2. What makes Virginia special to you in the wine industry?

It’s the spirit of experimentation and discovery that makes Virginia special to me. While we have made great strides in understanding what grapes do well here, we still have lots to learn and uncover in recognizing what might work best as climate change continues to impact our industry. 

3. What is your favorite wine you make and why? 

It’s too hard to choose! I really like working with all of the different varieties that we have here. I would say Albarino if I really had to pick just one. The wine makes itself. It has great acid and sugar balance at harvest, so I just have to add yeast and stay out of the way. 

A huge thanks to Kirsty for participating. Be sure to check back next week for our final female VA winemaker! Cheers, Paige

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