Date Duo

Hi everyone! Stacey here!

I hope everyone is excited that we are almost three months into the year! Oh wait, its only February… Longest. January. Ever! Am I right? To get us through the slump of post holiday sadness, I’ve been dragging my friends around to new spots to scope out some new date ideas for you guys! 

This week, I am so excited to share one of the hot spots in Scott’s Addition, one that I waited for QUITE awhile to check out because they are constantly busy. The other is a brewery that I thought I would pass out of from how much I was digging the vibes (and beer!). 

ZZQ is a Texas Craft Barbecue joint in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond, VA. They operate under regular business hours or until they sellout, whichever comes first! It is definitely worth going to check out the food. We had a group of 6 and there were so many delectable options to choose from. Pulled Pork, Turkey, and Beef Brisket all the way to weekend specials of Ribs, Tri-Tip and Prime Rib, the options are endless. We all got something different + one of their amazing sides (& you know I couldn’t pass on a piece of the Texas Sheet Cake!!!) 

The other thing I loved so much that I took a photo and had a print made for my bathroom was one of their ZZQ values. They had the values posted before you get through the line to order and I thought it was something unique that shows who they are. My favorite value was the “Wash Your Hands”. They had a giant farmhouse style sink with fluorescent above that said WASH YOUR HANDS! Totally loved it! 

The second stop of the day was Tabol Brewing. & I was obsessed with the vibes and decor… so much so that I took a picture of just of the tile in the bathroom. (I don’t even care how lame that makes me seem..) Tabol is a small batch brewery with a tasting room in the Battery Park area of Richmond. They produced beers that are a little funkier, and my favorite, sours! 

They change up their offerings, but during my visit there were two that were a hit with me and of course my friends all had their faves as well! My pick was the Fructjo Cranberry which is their Tabol Biere aged on cranberries, it was perfectly tart and light. I was also a fan of their Fructjo blackberry.. (see the trend for me?). The guys loves the All The Now and the Sometime, both are variations of an IPA! We brought a couple board games and hung out for a couple hours 10/10 in our group would recommend! 

Overall, we had a fantastic time and got to check off some new stops on our “Food and Drink Adventure” checklist. (Maybe a post for another time??) Hit me up on Instagram @StaceyShippey and let me know if you check them out! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! 

Cheers! Stacey

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