Virginia Wine Facts

In honor of Virginia Wine month I have been sharing fun Virginia wine facts on my Instagram. I decided to write them all out in one post to share with you!

The Norton grape is native to Virginia. Dr. Daniel Norton discovered the grape during the 19th century. The only reason it survived prohibition is because Missouri planted it. Now Norton is a cornerstone in the Missouri wine industry.

Virginia has a RICH history when it comes to wine making. We started planting grapes in the 1600s when the colonies were founded. It was not successful until the 1900s. We had over 300 years of failure before things really started. Virginia has tenacity when it comes to growing grapes and I LOVE how we never gave up!

Virginia is a TOUGH place to grow grapes. There is definitely vintage variation. We have high humidity, frost, rain, hurricane season, etc. Wine makers enjoy the challenge and play a huge role in the vineyard. You can’t make good wine from bad grapes!

Virginia has over 300 wineries spread across 7 AVAs. We are known for amazing Cab Franc, Petit Verdot, Petit Manseng, and Vognier. Virginia also makes amazing red blends! However, Chardonnay is the most planted varietal in the state.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about Virginia Wine! I LOVE it!

Cheers, Paige

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