My THIRTIETH birthday is quickly approaching and I wanted to share some items that were on my birthday list and some of my favorite wine things!

  1. The first thing on my birthday list this year was this AMAZING TEE by Jacki ~ I love how it is the state of VA with all my favorite wineries! Jacki even shared a special code for my fellow wine lovers, HBD20 gets you 20% off your order! Go buy this amazing TEE!
  2. Next on my list is Olive and Poppy! I discovered this amazing brand when I visited Napa. The bangles are so beautiful! All of their jewelry is made using used wine barrels! So fun! LOVEWINE gets 10% off!
  3. SWIG – I absolutely love all my swig wine glasses and use them so much in the summer. They have so many beautiful ones!
  4. If you are traveling anytime soon and bringing wine home you need Wine Skins! I recently wrote about them on this post! They are so helpful when you are packing wine in your suitcase.
  5. I love wine charms and honestly I have a ton but you need THESE! How fun are these little men and women?! I love how they each have a name on their booty!
  6. If you open up a bottle of wine and don’t finish (who are YOU) you need this wine pump! We use these at the winery and I have one at home when I don’t finish a bottle! This pumps the oxygen out to help keep the wine!
  7. When we go to wineries with a picnic I always pack a wine sleeve. I freeze before we go and then we keep our wine in it to keep it cool!
  8. Are you obsessed with Rae Dunn like me? Well if so, this wine chiller is on my list and I NEED.
  9. If you don’t have a decanter, I would ask for one ASAP. I use my decanter all the time to aerate red wine. I don’t have a fancy one… just a nice glass one.
  10. Do you love keeping wine bottles but don’t have the space? Keep a wine journal of all your memorable bottles with label lift!

Hope you enjoyed this fun little list! Let me know what items you totally NEED! I can’t wait to see you all in this AMAZING shirt:)

Cheers, Paige

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