Date Duos

Happy Fri-YAY! This week is such a fun date duo! Recently, Zach and I decided to visit Saude Creek Vineyards before dinner out. They are open later on Fridays with live music. This is the perfect way to start your weekend!

Saude Creek Vineyards – This is a spot Zach and I have been visiting for years and we LOVE it. They have a fabulous tasting room and there is ample seating inside and out. They have seating downstairs near the bar and upstairs in their loft. The loft has comfy seating as well as a balcony. Outside, there is a beautiful wrap around porch that is winterized in the colder months. They also have seating all around the grounds with a nice fire pit. They offer two tastings; the classic tasting for $10 and the premium tasting for $17. You taste 7 wines with the classic and 11 with the premium. If you have never been, I suggest the premium! I honestly love so many of their wines it is hard to pick favorites. They recently came out with a Sauvignon Blanc that I love and I also love their Barrel 76 which is their Cabernet Sauvignon. Zach and I also enjoy their Saude Creek Red. It is a red blend that is also one of their best sellers; it is fruity and is easy to drink. I strongly suggest you visit on a Friday night! There is live music and the vibes are relaxing and chill.

Galley – This is one of our favorite restaurants that we seem to visit a lot. The atmosphere is fun and lively. There always seems to be a wait, we usually sit at the bar. Their prices are on point which we love. The community plate is one of our favorite appetizers that usually leaves us full before we even order dinner. It is a mix of all the things we love: hummus, pita, pesto, olives, mixed nuts, feta, fresh mozzarella, cucumbers and fire roasted peppers. I ALWAYS order their mixed green salad with salmon. It is a bed of mixed greens with mixed nuts, dried fruit and feta. Their salmon is always cooked perfectly, nice and crispy on the outside. They also have a fab brunch, I usually order the veggie frittata… it comes with pesto (drool). This place is fun and affordable, what more can you ask for?

There you have it, a fun and fabulous date night to start your weekend off right! If you like what you are seeing, subscribe! Also, follow me on instagram @sipsandtripswithpaige I can’t wait to feature even more! If you have a fun and fabulous date night, comment below!

Cheers, Paige

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